Your Host – Dagmar


It was 25 years ago when I fell in love with this charming house at first sight. It made us move from Frankfurt to Lengfurt. Even though to many others, the condition of the house was anything but encouraging, I perceived its special atmosphere and character. Since then I have been commuting to work in Frankfurt. The house was empty after 2011 but none of us liked the idea of selling it. So it has taken us several years, myriad of man-hours, plenty of imagination, persistence and effort until the house was turned from a dignified but geriatric home to a veritable treasure box. In the meantime, our children have grown up and it is time to set our course for the coming decades.

Born in Lower Saxony I found my way via Berlin and Frankfurt to this beautiful Lower Franconian landscape. There are plenty of regions in our country, something we experience repeatedly while taking vacations e.g. by bicycle. But here in this place I feel many things I value and consider important in a unique combination. Friendly and down-to-earth people, a lot of culture in every corner, a pleasant climate, a nice (river) landscape and everything a family needs for daily life. Last but not least we have one of the best German vineyard sites, the so- called “Homburger Kallmuth”, that huddles sun-spoilt against our side of the Main River.

This project was made possible by many people, most especially my husband, a true Lower Franconian and musician, whom I owe many thanks. There is nothing in this house that has not been touched, formed and created by him. Without his many extraordinary multifaceted talents - not least his ability to never give up - it would not have been doable.

We hope our guests will feel something of the good spirit living in this house that has been a safe roof above the inhabitants’ heads for several centuries. We ourselves are living in a slightly older house located in the parallel street no more than 50 meters away from Fischergasse 1.

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