The Neighborhood

At Your Doorstep

The ford (de: furt) across the river Main named the village Lengfurt and was of essential importance across the region until a bridge was built in Marktheidenfeld. Today, Lengfurt is the administrative capital of the region Triefenstein. You can start your tours and excursions right from your doorstep, either by foot or by bike to the many sights in the nearby area.

We're happy to provide more detailed information at any time during your stay.

Around Lengfurt

Take a walk to the church, plague column, barrage or the monastery lake. Short hikes will lead you to the Klingelbach canyon close to the monastery Triefenstein, the renatured area "Alter Berg" (old mountain), or the nature reserve at Kallmuth. A "Waldwichtelpfad" (wood gnome path) will lead you to the town Marktheidenfeld. Return the same way or get more adventurous by returning on the other side of the river.

Main Valley Bike Path

The Main valley bike path is only 80m away from your doorstep. It leads to the estuary of the river Tauber and the bike path along the Tauber valley. Keep your eyes open - you will find many other paths inviting you to explore beyond the rivers.

Wood Pool Triefenstein

In times when public baths are closing, a citizens' initiative from the market of Triefenstein is keeping our forest pool in operation. Facilities include a heated outdoor pool, lap pool (25m), diving tower (1m/3m/5m), wave slide (15m), small water slide, toddler pool, beach volleyball, barbecue area, and a kiosk.

The museum in the neighboring village showcases living and working in a paper mill in the 18th and 19th century and puts a light on the manual paper making process.

Trips And Excursions

Castle Ruin Homburg

The second largest castle ruin in Germany is only a 25 minute drive away. The Homburg ruin from the 10th century lies close to Gössenheim in a side valley of the river Main. Take a walk through the nature reserve close to the ruin to find many rare plants. We recommend to pair the trip with a visit to Karlstadt, Hammelburg or Trimburg.

Kartause Grünau

There are many historic settlements in the Spessart valleys to take care of the woods, rivers, and green spaces. One of them is the "Kartause Grünau", a former monastery from the middle ages. It can be the starting point of many hikes and invites you to rest and have a relaxed meal after you return. 

Close to it lies the Haseltal (Hasel Valley) with many mills and the almost 250 years old hammer forge at Hasloch that turned into a museum.

The lovely Tauber Valley

The Tauber Valley leads from the world renowned Rothenburg in the south through cities like Weikersheim, Bad Mergentheim, Tauberbischofsheim to the Main estuary in Wertheim.

Especially the area around Wertheim is particularly charming for hikes. The hills are full of beautiful vineyards and woods. Some of the highlights are the Cistercian monastery Bronnbach and the Gamburg as well as the nature reserve Apfelberg.


Between heaven (the chapel "Lady of the mountains") and hell (former "Eisenhammer" at the Elsava stream) stretches the Heimbuchen Valley. The culture hike leads around the village within and up the mountain. We recommend to also visit the water castle Mespelbrunn nearby.

The Hafenlohr Valley

Between Rothenbuch in Hochspessart and Hafenlohr lies a unique habitat for countless and partly endangered plants and animals and ancient oaks. 

Every now and then, the citizens of the area have to protect this precious environment from extreme measurements like building a huge reservoir. Let's hope they stay successful!